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British Columbia Historical Photographs Online contains annotated links to Online Photograph Databases and Online Photograph Galleries mounted on archival web sites in British Columbia. Central Coast Archives Photograph Collection Provides an online photograph database for historical images of the Bella Coola Valley.Maintained by the Archives Association of British Columbia Alberni Valley Museum Historic Photograph Collection Provides an online photograph database for historical images of the Alberni Valley. British Columbia Archives (Royal BC Museum) -- Visual Records Online Database contains textual descriptions of photographs, paintings, drawings and prints from the British Columbia Archives' visual records collection.Most of the volcanoes in British Columbia last erupted during the end of the Pleistocene epoch some 10,000 years ago, with the most recent eruption taking place 250 years ago. The biggest cluster lies in the north near the coast, but others are scattered throughout the province.Note: While technically located across the border in Washington state, Mount Baker is commonly counted among our province's volcanic peaks.City of Surrey Archives The City of Surrey Archives' SAMOA (Surrey Archives & Museum Online Access) database provides access to over 30,000 digitized photographs.City of Vancouver Archives Historical Photographs The Archives photograph holdings are comprised of more than one million images from private-sector and public-sector records.Surveying along the Coastal Gas Link pipeline route this spring has turned up rare dinosaur tracks from the Late Cretaceous period, dating back between 93 and 95 million years.The 670-kilometre proposed pipeline project would carry natural gas from frack wells and storage facilities in the Groundbirch area just west of Dawson Creek, to the proposed LNG Canada facility near Kitimat.

“We have them here in the Peace Region, there are a couple of sites in New Mexico and two in Uzbekistan and that’s about it,” Mc Crea told the Dawson Creek Mirror.City of Richmond Archives -- Historical Photographs Out of the City Archives photograph collection of 100,000 images from 1880 to 2005, more than 7,000 have been scanned and published online.Among the many topics are: farming and fishing, Richmond's bridges, schools, aerial photographs, and citizens from 1880 to the present.Located on the legendary Pacific Ring of Fire, British Columbia sits at the convergence of the Cascadia subduction zone.Measuring 1,000 kilometres in length it stretches from Vancouver Island all the way down to northern California.While building a pipeline around rare dinosaur fossils might sound risky, Mc Crea said when hears about a find by industry, he sees opportunity.


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