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“I don’t think that we necessarily work the same way. We can see the things that are similar about our approach to the work and the things that are different …WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she’s a history-obsessed, crocodile-ring-collecting, Emmy-nominated, Hollywood blonde Broadway star and native New Jersey Girl Turned Powerhouse Jetsetter with Woody Allen wit and Jane Austen gentility.Their only rule: “Never lie to each other.” Perabo plays Julia George, executive producer of the fictional entertainment news show “Louise Herrick Live” — or as showrunner Josh Berman put it, “She’s the boss.” Perabo describes her character as an “ambitious hustler,” but it’s clear that the actress, who self-identifies as a “news junkie,” holds both the character and news producers in general in high esteem.To prepare for the role, she spent several days in the spring shadowing the news team at CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

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And that’s not something anyone could predict before the first day of shooting the pilot.

You should experience it all for yourself, and we’ll leave all discussion of the series to the post-episode recaps.

I will only say that I wish I had stone that will give me the tiniest of thrills, something — ANYTHING — to make me feel alive while I await new episodes.

Two men pop up, one who seems right in her eyes, played by Tom Everett Scott, and one played by Gabe Macht, who is "Mr.

Wrong." One of the things that's cool in this movie is that Mandy sees the best in both of the men, and really quite likes them both.


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