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Hollywood Life is claiming to have “exclusively learned” why Chelsea Handler would “never date” Brad Pitt.

Gossip Cop can explain how and why this fake news was manufactured.

When we say that you might be thinking that the comedians surely have the longest list of dating affairs, but does Chelsea Handler falls in the category with the extensive lists of boyfriends?

The funny woman Chelsea does have a lot of topics to talk about to make her audience laugh, but more recently, she has one the subject of which she is transparent like never before.

Since her eponymous Netflix show debuted last year, Handler has been increasingly vocal about her disdain for the current administration.

Following Trump's inauguration, Handler organized the Women's March on Sundance, a companion protest to the Women's March on Washington.

She can be the girl who can make people burst into tears out of laughter anytime, and at any place. That side of veteran comedienne has been quite of the thing that is transparent to people, and while talking about her dating affairs, she has been open about some of her boyfriends from the past but is not always that comfortable to share much.

She is not looking to get with Brad and there is nothing to the rumors that a romance is brewing.

Chelsea would be really damaging girl code and she would rather remain friends with Jen then ruffle feathers [sic] and try to start something with Brad.

While nothing overtly physical was seen, the source went on to add that both Handler and Flay were particularly “flirty” with each other.

Furthermore, the two have never been seen together, making a simple friendship less likely.


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