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"There’s always room to make stuff that is completely morose and downbeat, but we’d probably spiral into a state of complete despair, if our music reflected the lyrics all the time.I think that’s almost the fun game with some songs, is this complete tearing of two feelings at once.In "Good Grief" there’s a euphoria that runs through the bass and the upbeat way Smith sings, despite the typically dark content of his music, and that contrast becomes almost comical, as though the narrator knows they’re a walking disaster.It prompts another Kubrick quote: "A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction. The theme, what's behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later." "In 'Good Grief', in trying to create this sense of the huge downs and ups, stumbles of this process, we’re almost using the music to make it uplifting, so it’s not completely hopeless," Smith says.Trained by his father Bob, Rice will train hard in the hope of securing the national title shot.“If I get a shot at the Australian title in just my fifth bout that would be humbling,” he said.

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“Brent is the highest rated eligible contender for the title and deserves to be in one corner to fight for it.“I'm prepared to promote the title fight in Toowoomba and will begin negotiating immediately to find the second highest rated available opponent. He's ranked number three in the ANBF ratings and the two men above him are Paul Fleming and Billel Dib who both have regional titles so they're ineligible for the national belt.”Rice has built an unbeaten record after four professional fights, with two coming by way of knock-out.

No one is saying football led Randall Woodfield down his dark path—but did it perhaps deter him from it, at least for a while? Shari Hull, age 20, lay splayed naked on the floor, blood pooling near her matted hair, brain matter seeping from her skull and spackling the carpet. Gradually her moans and her deep, labored breathing diminished until her body was drained of life.

Soon he saw another cleaner, 20-year-old Lisa Garcia.

Retirement saw Young relinquish the title, which fellow Toowoomba boxer Sam Williams fought for last Friday.

He lost to Shaun Thomas after his corner threw in the towel but after failing to make the official weight, Thomas did not claim the title belt.


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