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Even with their compatibility tests, it seems people want more information about their suitor than ever before.So if the routine compatibility tests aren’t enough, then here are nine oddly specific dating sites for the more picky individual. If so, then this dating site for dog lovers might be just what you are looking for.No it’s not a site for people looking to date horses, just for people looking to ride off into the sunset together.Browsing through the endless sea of dating profiles can sometimes make you feel a little lost, like all these people are missing that one thing that could make them your special someone.Not everybody is the prettiest princess or prince at the ball, I’m certainly not, but everybody can find love!Some people are overweight, and some people prefer to be overweight.Online dating has been in the mainstream for several years now—but not all online dating sites are conventional.Beyond Match.com, OKCupid, e Harmony and the like, there are hundreds if not thousands of somewhat bizarre websites for niche audiences.

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It would be so much easier to cook dinner for the two of you if you both had the same allergies.

Since dining out is a social activity, nothing can kill the sparks faster than a total taste bud mis-match. You might not find out until after you’re already falling head-over-heels in love. Unfortunately, vegetarians might not experience the same level of satisfaction, so instead of skimming through profiles of chicken Caesar fans and bacon ranch lovers, Veggie Date has you covered. When it comes to dating, honesty is the best policy.

And if all else fails, there’s always these clever cheese personals to match you with your ideal cheese. Now pretend like I wrote it specifically for book lovers. But if you want a shot at love in the online dating world, professing your absolute obsession with anime, your interest in painting tiny Warhammer 40k figurines, or describing your ideal day as spending your every waking moment camped in front of your computer playing Skyrim until you pass out from exhaustion (I mean, come on!

Forbes Magazine calls Science Connection “a brainy love connection catering to those with a passion for science and nature.” Given that scientists love stats, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have a page dedicated to a breakdown of their member’s scientific interests as well as the website’s matching success rate, including how many have married and even had babies after meeting through Science Connection!

Are you a death professional longing to meet other like-minded individuals who see dead people? With more than 5,000 members, Dead Meet is for anyone who works in the death industry: think funeral homes, moratoriums and crematoriums; taxidermologists, anatomists and gravediggers; and even students working toward a career in the sector.


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