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“The experience was overwhelmingly positive, and I’ve never felt, you know, as safe on set. I think that she really represents something that we haven’t seen before, which is what the whole show represents. And these people come together to help each other, and it doesn’t matter that they don’t speak the same language, look like each other. It’s empathy.”Nomi is so many things outside of her gender identity.I trusted the Ws [the Wachowskis, Lana and her brother Andy] and JMS [co-creator J. I was willing to do anything that they wanted me to do. She’s a hacker, a loving partner to her girlfriend, Amanita, and, as she comes to find out, a Sense8.She also studied at the Anna Scher Theatre School, and graduated with a degree in performing arts and drama from Middlesex University.Agyeman was five years old when her parents divorced, but the family remained close.AE: So how much do you know about the arc that’s coming for everyone? [Laughs] You know, the Wachowskis and Straczynski are very open with all of the cast and are very inclusive in the whole process.

Growing up with an older sister, Leila, and younger brother, Dominic, she was initially interested in science as a child.

She’s also someone who has felt very much alone in her life until meeting Amanita, which we see in a flashback in the very first episode, in which Amanita defends Nomi from her transphobic friends.“That flashback scene, I think, was really important, because it establishes something about Nomi so that the audience can get to know where she was coming from in her life,” Jamie said.

“That one line—’No one’s ever defended me before’—for Nomi to say that—and then we come back into present day and they’re doing the pot brownies before Pride, and Nomi says, “That’s the day that I knew I would always love you.” You know for them to find each other in that way and sort of establish with Nomi where she was coming from, how important support and unconditional love is in a relationship.”Jamie said she was thrilled when she found out Freema Agyeman was cast as Amanita.“It’s unconditional, it’s support, it’s love. But it’s not like they are treated with kid gloves.

I put it on way too often; my boyfriend had to tell me to change my clothes the other day.

curling up during the day and watching 'Murder She Wrote' and 'Diagnosis Murder'.


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