Global address list in exchange 2016 is not updating

If your organization uses address book policies, you may want to create additional GALs. For additional management tasks related to address lists, see Address list procedures.

A global address list allows both administrators and users to find fellow employees' email addresses and send them messages.

Essentially, the issue is the GAL is not updating in Outlook. I looked at the recipient filter of the GAL, it's below for reference: (Alias -ne $null -and (Object Class -eq 'user' -or Object Class -eq 'contact' –or Object Class -eq 'ms Exch System Mailbox' -or Object Class –eq 'ms Exch Dynamic Distribution List' -or Object Class -eq 'group' -or Object Class –eq 'public Folder')) The next thing I'm going to try is creating a new GAL and making it the default, if necessary. That will force Outlook to download a complete GAL. If so, it is probably that the incremental update files haven't updated correctly.

We have another server in the wings waiting to be deployed, but we need to address the problem in the meantime. If it does not, then it is the generation or distribution process that is failing. OWA reflects the information correctly, but Outlook does not. I have tried deleting the OAB files, but when I download the address book, it still has the outdated version.

Additions, deletions and changes are automatically applied to keep contacts up to date.

I created a new OAB with both distribution methods this morning.

I ran the commands you recommended and tried it about 4 hours after that. As another way to troubleshoot the problem, I created a new profile for Outlook.

Learn about the new features that are available in Exchange 2016 when you upgrade from previous versions of Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 brings a new set of technologies, features, and services to Exchange Server, the messaging platform that provides email, scheduling, and tools for custom collaboration and messaging service applications.


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