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A few weeks ago, I read that Molly Sims and Aaron Eckhart were dating.

I think I even read it in this Fox News 411 story, where Molly confirmed their couple status by nodding her head and saying “Aaron’s a great guy! Anyway, we didn’t report it because who really cares, right? His receding hairline bothers me a little, but I like that he hasn’t gone for a bad rug or plugs (cough cough Piven cough).

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Caption: Model Molly (left) and Aaron (Right) were rarely caught together before when they dated in March of 2009.

I’ve read some interviews with her where she seems cool, but she just kind of seems “meh”.

Apparently, Aaron Eckhart did not appreciate Molly’s big mouth (once again, she said “Aaron’s a great guy! He’s so closed off from the world,” says the source. Besides, she feels she deserves a guy who isn’t afraid to tell the world they’re in love!

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