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will return for its seventh and final season on Showtime.

Over the years, the critically respected show has given its global audience perhaps the strongest depiction of a modern nurse in the history of series television.

New York emergency department (ED) nurse Jackie Peyton is expert, fearless, savvy, sensitive, and creative, with a wide array of psychosocial skills.

She has even been a great mentor to Zoey Barkow, her gifted protegee who has emerged from Jackie's shadow and may now be poised to assume Jackie's central role in the ED and/or to become a nurse practitioner.

Because he chose a cover version, 'I Shot The Sheriff', by introducing reggae music to the world and released as a single and became a big hit at that time. What he followed was that he paid attention to the song itself 'I Shot the Sheriff', especially the lyrics of the song, I think. Because the lyrics was very impressive and he wanted to write a song like this. This theme of no one caring about him, is not only a huge theme in the song- but also in Freddie''s real life.

So every musician was surprised and followed him by picking up reggae as new music into their album. And I think that he wrote a song 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. It says that ' I have to run because I shot the sheriff.' On the other hand,'Bohemian Rhapsody', it goes like this. He didn't believe he was as special as he really was, which is very sad when you think about it..."Too late, my time has come.

It shouldn’t be like, “Oh that sounds like New Edition,” but it’s more the undercurrent.

Had she been perfect, we would not even be talking about a second season, much less a seventh one.

We ourselves have objected to the show's occasional suggestions that hospital nurses report to physicians in the clinical setting, despite the presence of nurse Gloria Akalitus, who seems to have some administrative responsibility for the ED.

So Lise, I very much can appreciate your sweet cliché! You know I’m all about authors helping authors – The Armageddon Chord is written by Jeremy Wagner and I can tell you he’s the real deal – we share many of the same rockstar “friends” and he’s a pretty fantastic and talented guy (and, let’s face it, he is a rockstar in his own right:)) His book is horror too, like The Devil’s Metal, and I think it’s a worthy addition to your list:

You guys know me and my silly clichés, so I just had to do it!!


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