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Her kan du stille spørsmål som er åpne for alle å lese eller du kan sende inn et lukket spørsmål som er privat og kun synlig for deg. Av sikkerhetsgrunner krever vi at alle som sender inn spørsmål registrerer seg først.

ABSTRACT: Coccolithophores, a globally distributed group of marine phytoplankton, showed diverse responses to ocean acidification (OA) and to combinations of OA with other environmental factors.

HC enhanced the particulate organic carbon (POC) and nitrogen (PON) productions in both strains, and this effect was more obvious at high levels of solar radiation.

While HC decreased calcification at low solar radiation levels, it did not cause a significant effect at high levels of solar radiation, implying that a sufficient supply of light energy can offset the impact of OA on the calcifying strain.

4th Street still boasts the original barn where community members and ranchers would ride up on horseback in the 1800s to assist in the production of the olives.

Today, many residents of this community east of Los Angeles still find extra work there during the fall, and several full-timers have been employed by the family since the 1960s.

Many of the towns we passed through were First Nation Communities.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's seven natural wonders, it is a prized World Heritage Area, the largest reef system and the biggest living structure on the planet.De wetenschappelijke naam van de soort is voor het eerst geldig gepubliceerd in 1857 door Bleeker.De soort staat op de Rode Lijst van de IUCN als niet bedreigd, beoordelingsjaar 2009.While their growth can be enhanced and calcification be hindered by OA under constant indoor light, fluctuation of solar radiation with ultraviolet irradiances might offset such effects.In this study, when a calcifying and a non-calcifying strain of Emiliania huxleyi were grown at 2 CO [HC]: 1000 µatm) under different levels of incident solar radiation in the presence of ultraviolet radiation (UVR), HC and increased levels of solar radiation acted synergistically to enhance the growth in the calcifying strain but not in the non-calcifying strain.Our data suggest that increased light exposure, which is predicted to happen with shoaling of the upper mixing layer due to progressive warming, could counteract the impact of OA on coccolithophores distributed within this layer.


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