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When it comes to dating and relationships, your personal dating coach will show you how to get the very best results!

Become your own matchmaker – learn how to meet quality singles, weed out the wrong people and attract and keep the RIGHT one for you!

While the online-dating market is flooded with apps like Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, and more, each promising their own angle at a chance at love, Murray, an experienced online dater himself, says no app has mastered a key tool needed for daters in today’s day and age: A step-by-step guide on how exactly those daters should date. “Most people have no idea what they’re doing online,” Murray said.

“I used to be the exact same way.”But with his new app, Icebrkr, and an artificial intelligence tool nicknamed “Hootie,” Murray promises a real-time wingman to help daters fumble through every step of online dating with ease, from putting together a successful profile to breaking the ice with a potential love interest.

This large pool of potential partners — when combined with our customized approach — provides the means to introduce you to your ideal match living close to you in the Midwest OR anywhere in the nation.

Many of our clients just need additional tools, or skills “refreshers” to positively guide their way into more fulfilling relationships.

Julianne will answer your questions about the dating process and assist you in making decisions that lead to healthy relationship outcomes.

There, Murray said he got an extensive first-hand look at the lives of every kind of dater, from 30-year-old women to 60-year-old men, providing profile assistance, ghostwriting and connection services to some of the wealthiest online daters out there. But through both experiences, Murray found a common problem: Daters in general struggle to find a happy medium between their ideal self and their actual self.“Dating is all about trying to sell yourself, but you actually have two first impressions when it comes to online dating: The one you have online and the one you have in person,” Murray said.Don’t waste your precious time on disappointing blind dates, bar scenes and online sites.Our personalized and systematic approach is individually tailored to find matches that meet your specific criterion.Sometimes that can begin with having a better relationship with yourself.That means really appreciating your strengths, understanding your challenges and not allowing them to define you.Matchmaker and dating expert Lisa Darsonval-Amador will personally work with you to create a custom dating action plan and will be with you every step of the way on your path to finding a healthy, satisfying and lasting relationship.


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