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The Game: You’re the writer, director, and star of the Prologue Theatre’s performance of Knee Deep, a swamp noir adventure in three acts.

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The Ethical Principles of Psychologists require psychologists to act to avoid impairing their own professional judgment or increasing the risk of exploitation of their clients through unacceptable dual relationships.She gets in early and stays late, all to impress her boss, who doesn't even know she exists.Joshua Tolbert dates super models, drives fast cars and runs the planets most success dating site.And in Act 3: Boomtown, our heroes find themselves deep in the north Florida swamp as they uncover the secret ambitions of their foes. Half of the participants rated the degree to which each behavior was ethical; the other half reported how often they engaged in each behavior.10 factors (therapist gender, profession, age, experience, marital status, region of residence, client gender, practice setting, theoretical orientation, and practice locale) were examined for their relation to beliefs and behaviors.


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