Egypt dating age 17

Using this calculation method, Solomon was born in the 4th - 5th year of the reign of David's reign at Jerusalem and who was age 40-41 at the time.

The funerary site, uncovered eight metres below ground in Minya, a province about 250 kilometres south of Cairo, contained limestone and clay sarcophagi, animal coffins, and papyrus inscribed with Demotic script.

Although the dates for Eli are dependent on the age that Samuel was when he died, it doesn't really change much.

If Samuel lived to be 100 or 120 years, it just pushes back the year Eli died (and the destruction of Shiloh) earlier.

Samuel anointed David as a "youth" (15 years old) about the time he killed Goliath.

"Then Saul said to David, you are but a youth while he has been a warrior from his youth." 1 Samuel .


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