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Two years earlier, I had been doing research for my column when I stumbled across a site called “We Feel Fine” that seamlessly married ideas of “website” and “art.” People can go to the site and type in a word that describes a human emotion—“lonely,” “volatile,” “exposed,” “alive,” “connected,” “safe,” “better”—and, in a matter of seconds, the site runs an algorithmic program that searches blogs and websites all over the world for phrases beginning with the words “I feel” or “I am feeling,” plus the word you just typed.

Results then pop up on the screen indicating who else out there in the blogosphere, in the online world, is feeling—or has recently felt—what you were feeling in that moment.

Did I mention this installation is fully interactive on a 56-inch touch screen? IWYWM is a beautiful collaboration of computer science, math, and art that uses data to evoke a viewers’ emotions at a very personal level.

data collected from various online dating sites every few hours.

I’d convince myself that I had done something awful to make them not want a relationship with me.

E-COMMERCE -- July 8 -- Last year adult dating sites' growth rate was about 70%.

Every week for years, I wrote a column about websites for a small newspaper in Virginia.

Tuesday morning after Tuesday morning, I would sit down and write 300 pithy words in praise of yet another site at which one could—if one chose—waste hours.


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