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A Muslim father spat in a community centre manager's face and called her an 'ignorant Muslim' after he became offended over a Christian sign that had been put up in the building.

Said Ahmed Latif, 36, admitted the assault inside the multi-cultural Salaam Community Centre in Hartlepool.

Two female teenagers, who he said were of Arabic appearance, also allegedly hit his girlfriend.'I have a child.

I was thinking about her when I was getting attacked,' Mike said.'I thought I was going to die.

"'He said, "You are an ignorant Muslim, you aren't listening to me".'He continued with a tirade of abuse before adding: 'You shouldn't be here, you're upsetting us young Muslims'.'At this point, Miss Common said Latif, who works as a taxi driver, raised his hand as if he was about to hit the manager but instead spat in her face.

Reading from the victim's statement Miss Common said the victim and a colleague had to push Latif out of the office.

Hartford Seminary seeks to continue its mission of forming bridges of peace through education and dialogue among America’s many faith traditions.

Below is some basic information about Islam compiled by the faculty of the Macdonald Center.

Mike alleges two of the other youths then began assaulting him by pushing him into a seat, destroying his Ray Ban sunglasses and ripping from his neck his silver crucifix, which his mother had given him when he was 14.The next victim might not be so lucky, they might be killed or seriously injured.'Mike, who suffers from depression as a result of a previous work injury, said he was now too traumatised to wear a crucifix in public or ride on a train.'I'm too traumatised now, actually.Too many people are too scared to do anything about it,' he said.'It's not just an attack on me, it's an attack on what I believe in and every Christian out there is getting attacked as well.'Baptist reverend George Capsis, who is a family friend of Mike, claimed there had been a spate of attacks on Christians in south-west Sydney, adding he had told his parishioners in Croydon to be wary.'This country is nominally Christian, you shouldn't have to hide your crucifix or your faith,' he said.'I was just off the cuff saying to them, "If it looks as though there could be trouble, hide the cross for the time being.She said: 'I was really upset about what happened.'In 15 years I've never had anything like this happen to me.'He tried to bully me and certain members of staff to only let in certain members of the community.'Miss Common said Latif, a father-of-three, had originally denied the allegation of assault during a police interview.She added that he had a previous conviction for actual bodily harm dating back to 2007.Here you can meet rich, wealthy millionaire man and millionaire woman for friendship, dating and romance, photo personals, instant messages, chat and more.


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