Rainie yang dating show luo

Reporter said that they read Rainie's blog saying she had cried when she heard about the GBA nomination..then she explained that actually she only started to cry, not when she was told she was nominated, but rather when she asked Show if he was also nominated, and he said yes Supporting each other before event Show Rainie We will be closer as we can Previous Interview Rainie 2Previous Interview Show20101005 Simulating being winners in YLBFBInterview together Promoting HMS together20101019 GBA nomination SR comments20100920 SA Promoting20101022 2After event1 2 3 4 5 6 7Walkin the red Carpet Rainie won Show hugs Rainie Speech thanking to Show Show did not win, Rainie criedhttps:// v=-k5N2ZPk Gu URainie said she’s the female version of Showhttps:// rumors of dating for about 4 months startshttps:// v=MAI-1m37xls28Show just came back from holiday in Hawaii and was asked if there is a chance Rainie and him may be a couple in the future..then he said that there is a chance they will work together again, and avoid reportesand and avoid making the rumour even deeper.

When his classmates bully him, senior Bao Zhu lends a helping hand, and the 2 begin their first relationship.

Description from Viikii.com: Ranie Yang as :chen Bao zhu Show Luo: Da lang/xua hai Meeting sweetheart for the first time, innocent & pure little boy becomes an adult and turns into a Shanghai Prince!

Should she steer clear of him or fall in love with him?

Once Bai Chu Jie leaves, Da Lung’s roommates appear, teasing him about his first kiss being with BCJ.

The odd thing is, they don’t ask what happened or assume the two are dating. Is it just a girlfriend thing to want all the details?


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