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chat user rooms in the past week.” read more on this topic from the electric new paper and cnet. , although it didn't really have much of a choice. not that this kind of stuff should be tolerated in any way, shape, or form, but isn't this unfortunately commonplace on the internet? i question if any children actually went to those rooms.most likely, those rooms were filled with old, fat men wanking off to each other., as clients such as pepsi and state farm pulled their advertising due to the issue.state farm spokesman phil supple said, “we were thoroughly appalled when we were told that our ads were appearing on those sites. The sinister threat from a displeased customer that they will contact the CEO of the company and take their case to the ombudsman and BBC’s Watchdog. That Monday morning feeling where being cheerful is actually painful. Sitting beside that one colleague who practically shouts down the phone so much so that your customer thinks that they are speaking to them. The rebellious jolt in your stomach when you ‘accidentally’ disconnect a call from a particularly awful customer. The tears of happiness when entering work to be told that the systems are down. That luxurious tap on your shoulder from your manager telling you to sign out for training or a personal review. Forgetting the phonetic alphabet halfway through spelling something out and having to meekly say ‘S for Sugar’ as you can’t remember ‘Sierra’ 13.Sitting on the phone for ten hours a day sounds like a dream come true for a chatterbox like me but, as anyone who has ever worked in a call centre will know, there is very little joy to be found in the job. The cringeworthy passwords like ‘IAMHOT’ and ‘POOBUM1985’ and having to sound non-judgemental when asking for them. Realising you have five minutes of hold time left to use up and taking a 10 second break in between calls. The sudden inability to speak coherently when a supervisor listens in to one of your calls without warning. Mishearing a customer for a third time and just typing their name or address as you think you’ve heard it and hoping for the best. That request to speak to a manager and the manager’s well-rehearsed bank of excuses to avoid speaking to ANYONE on the phone. I lasted four months before chucking my headset unceremoniously down and making a diva strop exit from the building. ‘Sorry, we only deal with X here, you need to call Y.’ When it was Y that put me through to X. Note: This doesn’t tend to work with credit card numbers., also known as Plenty Of Fish, is an online dating site headquartered in reported by a houston, texas tv station, men were posting sexually explicit photographs while chatting about sex with underaged girls.once the news hit the air, the heat started beating down on yahoo!we took immediate action to see that they were withdrawn.” chatooms that yahoo!manages and monitors are still available for users to access, but users can no longer set up their own. spokesperson, “we began implementing the changes to yahoo! isps have a responsibility to the community, and it's good yahoo! i hope the other shoe falls on the twisted individuals who were making the solicitations.I've always used badoo but I can't say if it's better or not.


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