Futanari seeking dates

Note: For those trying to complete the gallery, there are a few fail screens.

I can set breakpoints in the second method and NSLog is reporting continual location updates, but for some reason the zoom with span isn't working.

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Read the rest of this entry » Beautiful blondes Neru and Rin have shared a rather intimate moment with each other at a steamy onsen, as the lovely girls have given each other a hard scrub-down of a different sort – which has possibly been made even more stimulating (to some anyway) with an unwarranted transition to hermaphrodite.

Read the rest of this entry » The futanari genre has acquired another lusty contribution by way of the increasingly misused Miku Miku Dance, with ship-girl franchise Kantai Collection once again getting the spotlight as the cute Yamato sprouts a massive member whilst being abused by various ordinary males – though not without doing a dance number as well, of course.

Read the rest of this entry » The exceedingly popular kanmusu of Kantai Collection have been forced to participate in another MMD artist’s perverted animation, subjecting the eccentric Atago and Kongou to further futanari shenanigans that will surely help harden the lately slightly flaccid genre.

Soon her tight and tender asshole will be filled with cream.

To do this, click on the project at the top of the Project Navigator and make sure Summary is selected in the tabs across the top.

Locations Updated event: While C#-style events are more concise, the CLLocation Manager must use the delegate-object pattern for certain behaviors (for instance, deferred updating), and it may be more consistent for an application to use the delegate-object pattern even when C#-style events are available.

Several CLLocation Manager methods, however, require the delegate-object pattern.

Allow Deferred Location Updates Until will raise a runtime exception if the CLLocation Manager.


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