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The only problem is your girl is like a new age Jessica Fletcher and checks your Twitter mentions, your Facebok activity, your Instagram likes, and, most importantly, keeps tabs your phone activity.According to the time stamp on the phone that she displayed in the video, Otobo showed the face of Apostle Suleman in the chats they had on October 19, 2016, in which she said was when they were preparing to travel to different places for sex.] “People put Lo Jack® on their vehicles to protect the vehicles; surely protection of children is far more important!” [LENORE: IF OUR KIDS ARE JUST LIKE CARS, DO WE EVENTUALLY JUNK THEM AND BUY NEW ONES?As per the record, The messenger app already has 600 Mn users, and with the current roll out it is expected and estimated that the number of accounts will increase to around 1.44 Bn.Moreover, it’s just not a new found age feature but also an advantageous and favorable way to stay in connected with your loved ones.Recall that Otobo who came out to accuse the man of God of having sex with her several times, impregnating her and making her abort the baby.ALSO READ: Apostle Suleman has vehemently denied the allegations and has gone ahead to sue the lady as well as Sahara Reporters which has been in the forefront of the case, for defaming him and bringing his name into disrepute.

i OS and Android device possessors of around 18 countries can now enjoy this feature by just updating the app.Regardless of the reason, this girl had one hell of a story to tell on Instagram today.Now that Valentine’s Day is officially over and you finished spoiling your girl with a fancy dinner, expensive gifts, and the best D you could muster after a long day of work and multiple glasses of the most expensive wine you could afford, you’re looking to make some time for the other woman (or women) in your life. We don't condone stepping out on your lady, but we're not here to judge. So, how does one go about keeping their scandalous ways a secret from their better half?[LENORE COMMENT: UH, IF WE HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR PRIVACY, WHY ARE WE COMPLETELY TAKING IT AWAY?] Rush Software is committed to providing parents the tools that they need to help keep their children safe from cyber bullying, predators, etc.In web forums, instant messengers and online games, text emoticons are often automatically replaced with small corresponding images, which came to be called "emoticons" as well.


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