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Others include: "America's Anchorman; America's Truth Detector; the Doctor of Democracy; the All-Knowing, All-Sensing, All-Everything Maha Rushie; defender of motherhood, protector of fatherhood and an all-around good guy".Limbaugh broadcasts from a studio in Florida he refers to as a "heavily fortified bunker" and features no guests on his shows, which are often monologues interspersed with listeners' calls or off-microphone comments from his long-time producer.

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This paper will explore the who, what, why, where, when, and how Rush Limbaugh’s personal and political values were influenced, shaped and honed.

In order to answer these questions, one must have a definition of political socialization against which to measure these characteristics.

The definition which best meets my understanding has been expressed as, “Political socialization, in the broadest sense, refers to the way a society transmits its political culture from generation to generation” (Langton 4) The term has also been defined as, “The way in which the developing human being gradually has his own personal identity, which allows himself to seek and meet his own idiosyncratic needs and values in his own way” (Greenstien 95).

Limbaugh’s political values can hardly be termed idiosyncratic; however, his choice of radio as the medium to express his views is.


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