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Of course it's important to say grace before meals, and if that's the only prayer you say together, it's better than nothing!

And all married couples should try to go to Mass together and to pray with your children, if you have them.

Thus we seek to ensure that all of our facilities are free from the use of alcohol and illegal drugs.

The use of tobacco is prohibited on all IHOPKC property.

When your heart is involved, your deepest needs tend to come to the surface. Here are a few sample prayers for when you’re at a loss for words.Please make me aware, by Your divine power, of __________’s needs so I can respond in a way that benefits him/her.Help me to run to You when frustrations and anger bubble up, and may You ease my emotions and send me back with grace on my lips.I am very much of a relational person (I guess most women are more than men, but you do have those rare exceptions) and my boyfriend is too, however men do enjoy their “cave time” or alone time, so I have kinda come to the conclusion that maybe his prayer time is more of a “alone” thing for him than a “together” thing.I really do respect him and I will never force him, but I still believe that praying together strengthens a relationship in profound ways.It's true that date night, home date night, or even just some unplugged alone time together is very important.


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