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I’m writing it because people assume that all refuges are fully funded.

People are also a bit scared and stand offish about womens refuges, because they fear that them knowing even that a safe house exists poses some danger to the women that live in these refuges. So here we go, let’s see if we can do a bit of safe demystification…..

He said: "Binky is pregnant." To which the boys all thought he was joking while Jaime hid his head in his hat and Proudlock let out a "f**k".Did the whole of Europe suddenly decide to send their hungry post-rock bands East to survive on the merch table sales of nerdy Chinese kids eating that shit up? God Is an Astronaut are one of the greats, laying down that slow atmospheric sound before getting into the heavy stuff and destroying ear drums.Formed by twin brothers in Ireland, they've put out a number of solid albums and toured the world over the last 15 years.I do not work for any women’s refuges or for the National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuge (most people refer to it as Women’s Refuge).Everything written here is what I have pieced together through my work, my conversations with people who runs women’s refuges, who live and have lived in womens refuges for varying amounts of time in differing locations, and with social workers and professionals in the field of domestic violence.Is it just me or has the Shanghai rock scene has been kicking out the jams lately?


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