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“Laverne was standing at the piano getting ready to sing ‘Sweet Transvestite’ for the first time. And when she finished [singing], the first voice that came up was, ‘Brava,’ from Tim Curry. So the fact that it’s going to be airing on TV to the masses is something that is so cool—because now a new generation will be able to sing along to ‘The Time Warp’ and they’re going to be familiar with these characters and inspired by them in many different ways. Frank-N-Furter is a reflection of where we are as a society.”“I think it’s getting an incredible cast, all of whom are triple threats,” added Ortega. I loved the music, the campiness, and the color, the characters, what the whole story meant. So when I went to my first midnight showing I remember wearing my fishnets, my feather boa, my lipstick. Lou Adler, whose son Cisco is helping with the production’s music, said that original tracks will be updated slightly with samples to make them sound more contemporary.

And that is what we have felt throughout this whole experience working with Tim Curry.”“Just doing it again, but in a different role . “Every single one of these people up here now who do it all are getting the opportunity to invade these wonderful characters and to bring them to life with a new vivacity and new imagination. It kind of just captivated me ever since.”Don’t Expect Susan Sarandon to Make a Cameo A question about whether the production reached out to the Oscar-winning actress, who played Janet in the 1975 comedy, went ignored by producers. The Project Has Been in the Works, Somehow or Another, for 10 Years“I think sometimes projects have a way of finding the timing they are supposed to have,” explained executive producer Gail Berman, “and I think Laverne kind of made this happen in her own time and our own time.”“It’s really an audience film—it’s always had a mind of its own,” added Adler.

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His abilities as player of the oboe have also been praised, and audiences often leave his performances with a happy smile.And what has the 1975 cast been up to in the last four decades?Find out in our “Who’s Who in the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Reboot” gallery below. Curry has been seen at many events with his voice agent, Marcia Hurwitz. As for dating, there is no confirmation nor denial of him being in a relationship. Curry, he is single, never been married and has no children. The only thing conclusive is that Tim Curry has friends of both sexes. Curry has been seen at many events with his voice agent, Marcia Hurwitz. As for dating, there is no confirmation nor denial of him being in a relationship. Curry, he is single, never been married and has no children.But on Monday, during Fox’s semi-annual presentation to the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles, original cast member Tim Curry told press that he gives the reboot, which stars Laverne Cox in his iconic role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.“A trans woman wanted to play this role ever since she was a little child, which we discovered when [Cox] came in to do her screen test—which, according to Fox, was one of the greatest screen tests they had ever [encountered],” Ortega said. Walking in and bringing something to the room that made us all realize there was no B plan—that if we could land this person in this role, that she would have so much to give to this. A critic bluntly asked this question—a fair query given the number of shameless Hollywood reboots polluting the big and small screens these days. “Then I went to my first midnight showing when I was 15 with my mom and a couple friends and their moms.


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