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Also having this issue (PC) I was about to get back from Veold to Aya and decided to upgrade the Nomad as much as I can (I think 3 upgrades are missing) I checked and I did craft the item requested, but in the uh... "task" it never checks out (even after taking the nomad back down to Voeld for a quick test drive). Using the Shield's Gamepad Mapper, users can now map control functions like gyroscope and motion control to physical inputs.More details about the Nvidia Shield December software update are available at Nvidia's websites.The main System Shield Anti Virus and Anti Spyware privides an overview of your system’s status, letting you know if you need to scan or update virus definition, for example.

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Base damage for "several" assault rifles, pistols, and shotguns have also been increased, while the Vanquisher sniper rifle has been dialed back, "to make it comparable with other weapons." Enemies have also been adjusted: The Kett have been nerfed, while the Fiend is less likely to "sync-attack" on Silver and Gold difficulties.Nvidia's latest update brings the latter to 1080p resolution in a handful of officially supported games, including Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Nvidia promises support for more games streaming in 1080p will be added on a weekly basis.The feature requires a Kepler-class GTX graphics card in the PC that Shield owners are streaming games from and an ethernet connection.I have this issue on the PC (Digital Deluxe, if it matters) just as virtus753 stated.I did craft the item (as far as I can tell, the one called for by the mission) but the mission did not update.Animations, lip-syncing, and more have received attention during post-development making headlines in two updates at this point, directly affecting one of the game's most controversial elements. In that case, you might be happy to learn that a wide range of balance-oriented adjustments and performance improvements have come along for the ride.


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