Be2 dating contact number is brett michaels still dating ambre

The investigator in The Hookup Guy and Meet Women Online concluded: "We were more than disappointed in this scam dating website. Sitejabber published 41 reviews (as of ), mostly scathing, detailing aggressively misleading marketing practices, hidden charges, unwanted subscription into recurring expensive payment, charges applied to dormant accounts, obstructions to termination of contract and profile, and so forth.

Other sites, such as Dating uk and Scam Book, report similar findings.

I was almost going to send it, but then I searched google and found there are soooooooo many cases exactly like mine hanging there. I recieved exactly the same email and reacted just like you.

Now I knew it;s a scam and I felt lucky that I didn;t send the money. This morning as Feb 5th, 2013, 2 month since I last talked to be2 people. All I would say is they are clearly scammers, reputable companies dont operate this way! How come they never use your name in correspondents, what legal firm addresses someone as be2 user?

And the fax must contain the following information: Plus you need to sign the document.

A lot of dating sites enable auto renewals of memberships by default but most allow you to change this in the account settings of the website when you sign in.

Especially older users sometimes need help getting started with online dating .I got an email from someone tonight complaining about how Be2makes you jump through hoops to cancel a membership.Apparently you need to request cancellation of their services via fax.The first point of contact for be2 complaints is our dedicated customer service team.Nearly 50 dedicated customer care specialists work to ensure all messages from customers are dealt with promptly and effectively.They contacted debt collector here and tried to harass me with them.


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