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If you do not previous have a Skype account, you can create one from scratch.Allowing Skype to send notifications will allow you to accept calls from friends while you are playing a game; otherwise, calls will be missed.

Beyond PC applications of the crime, crooks have also exploited mobile devices, regarded as more personal than computers."Based on the analyses of Trend Micro researchers the disguised malware or data stealers used by these cyber criminals are persistent and exhibit various intrusive behaviours including retrieving and sending a victim’s entire contact list and account IDs, sending, deleting and intercepting messages, making, intercepting and termination calls, recording audio and getting the detailed location of the device," the company said.

You need to only have one router/NAT that connects directly to your console and the gateway.

The way to fix this is to switch the router to Bridge mode.

You can contact your ISP for help with this and make your router operate as a standard modem.

If this not an option, you have to consider which device to keep, since you can't use them both, at the same time.


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