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Indra Devi was not only a female pioneer in the field of yoga; she helped spread the ancient discipline to Western civilization. The earliest visual evidence of yoga comes from about 2500 BC.Men were the teachers and practitioners of yoga from that point until the early 20th C.Track winter weather From the Rockies to the heartland, ferocious winds are ripping across the Plains, bringing freezing temperatures as far south as Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. "The next 10 days over the entire eastern half of the country will be below normal." Minnesota: Land of the Vikings (You got that right) The people of Minnesota are hardy folks, tempered by years of long brutal winters. "This is the first snow I've seen this season, and it's a major snowstorm, rather than the usual light dusting you'd expect to start off the winter with," said Katie Robinson of St. In Eau Claire, Jason Stuttgen told CNN affiliate WQOW the snow's coming at the perfect time. He reported 702 spinouts and incidents of vehicles running off the road.Rare winter flooding continued to wreak havoc in the US states of Illinois and Missouri on Monday as waterlogged levees strained to hold back frigid river waters that have claimed the lives of 25 people.Missouri's rivers rose faster – some breaking records by more than four feet – as the water rushed down hills and mountains.

Ramacharaka was an American attorney who left his practice to join the religious New Thought movement at the turn of the century.

She completed her study from University of Arizona.

There she did Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Physics and Minors in math, physics and business.

She is much dedicated to her family and her religion and culture.

She has been hosting and co-hosting in many programs and her attractive personality can impress anyone.


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