Updating imac

The new i Macs ship with 8GB of 2400MHz DDR4 memory (2x4GB) in the default configuration.For those who want to upgrade, the entry-level i5-based i Mac supports up to 32GB of 2400MHz DDR4 (PC4-19200) 260-pin SO-DIMMs (4x8GB), while the mid-range i5 and i7 i Macs support up to 64GB of the same class of memory (4x16GB).Because the new i Mac has the same external design as its predecessor, the actual process of upgrading RAM remains quick and easy.Users can simply pop open a small door beneath the rear vents on the back of the i Mac to reveal the four RAM slots.But the 27-inch models were already using sixth-generation CPUs, so while there will probably be performance increases, they'll likely vary a lot more with configuration. Only the HD 21.5-inch i Mac still uses an integrated graphics processor (IGP), and that's been boosted to use the higher-performance Intel Iris Pro series.The 5K models incorporate discrete graphics, with most-recent Mac-only AMD Radeon Pro 500 series options, a variant on the .

The last update was in 2015, and while that's hardly ancient, rivals weren't taking a time out, so Apple had to make a move to stay competitive.Across all the i Macs Apple brought the systems into 2017 with the latest processors and an update to DDR4 memory with higher clock speeds; memory clock speed seems to make a big difference as well, so the processing subsystem will likely be faster in all cases.While seventh-generation changes -generation on the 21.5-inch models; that means they should be much faster than before.The design remains unchanged, but Apple has swapped out the two Mini Display Port connectors for USB-C/Thunderbolt connectors, which ups the maximum transfer rate to 40 gigabits per second.Since they're smaller, Apple fit in a fourth USB 3 Type-A connector.Starting with the 2015 i Mac update, Apple solders the RAM to the logic board for the 21.5-inch models, making user RAM upgrades practically impossible (Update: i Fixit has discovered that the RAM and CPU in the 2017 21.5-inch i Mac are once again socketed, making RAM upgrades possible, but difficult and warranty-voiding).


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