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By the late 18th century, the power of the Maratha Empire had weakened and the Indian Subcontinent was left with a great number of states, most small and weak.Many rulers accepted the offer of protection by Wellesley, as it gave them security against attack by their neighbours.Read More My two years at Alliance University have groomed me to be a confident individual ready to enter the corporate world and has deepened this confidence by helping me get a job in my dream organization.Alliance with its state of the art facilities, competitive curriculum, varied cultural mix and strong faculty base has motivated and guided m...These scholarships of positive inclusive effort vary in value and have different criteria on which they are awarded.The following scholarships are available to eligible enrolled students of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) course at the Alliance School of Business: In case of sports quota, the candidate should have participated and won in the National or International level sports/games conducted by the competent authority approved by the government (state/central).We’ve teamed up with five of our top frequent travelers to bring you Sky Team Stories.This series of 10 short films captures the lives and travels of these high-flying individuals who represent the diversity of our alliance and its customers.

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It’s our second in Greater China and sixth worldwide and, like all our lounges, makes your time between flights worth waiting for.The celebrations for the occasion kick started at the sprawling l...Read More The Department of Computer Science and Engineering initiated and inaugurated a Students Technical Club "DEVMETRIC" at Alliance College of Engineering and Design (ACED) for all interested ...The giveaway forms part of a new campaign: Sky Team Stories.This web series of ten short films follows five celebrity frequent flyers as they traverse the world, sharing their travel know-how and insights that have become second nature.They were to be protected by the East India Company but had to pay for the subsidiary forces that the company was to maintain for protection.


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