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Tweet This post was inspired by a reader of mines who goes by the pseudonym Italian Greg.

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Ergebnisse zu singleboerse-und-ratgeber-fuer-online-dating. Maybe we’re an “awesome girlfriend” just waiting to be locked down or the next in “a steady stream of fresh novelties.” Sounds fucking great. My harshest critic is either myself or, possibly, my mother. I'll dub you Queen (Dairy Queen) of the castle (White Castle), but that's about it. Really - I am going to be studying (and living life) for awhile, so would prefer to meet someone who is in the same sort of situation, or with the same outlook. We'll go to the dump and throw rocks at rats (or hobos), then get drunk on tequila and knock over occupied porta-pots. Ok, I know you are dying to hear about me, so here goes. Especially bacon wrapped bacon deep fried in bacon grease. it DHV with lots of material, had a sense of humour, and witt. thought you guys might want to check it out for those who are doing online dating and have to make a profile I am toes in sand, breeze on skin, and squirtgun behind you. Not the serious kind of trouble so much; more like getting a rise out of somebody. Wow, that shirt is nice' [cheshire smile and walk away]. I'm judgmental, though I strongly believe in and respect personal freedom. (If you are over 300 lbs., we'll go for grazing and a mooooo-vie) Why does everyone want a "first date" to see if there's "chemistry" anyway? We will drop a roll of Mentos into a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke and see what happens. I'll probably skip on the garden variety coffee date. Look at that, you are already doing what I tell you to do, this just might work out.I'm very close with my family and value that aspect of my life very highly. The upshot is that I am much better looking in person, I am not afraid of commitment, and I can be a lot of fun. Extra side of bacon please, and a diet coke to drink, i'm watching my figure. Crap about the universe, quantum physics, and biology that would render a normal persons brain into...bacon grease. I work hard so I can buy myself awesome shit like a laser that lights shit on fire! Fuck dorks and nerds, a bunch of losers if you ask me, which you will because I am so damn interesting. That's the reason I have dipped my toes into online dating. My grandmother just picked the same one up yesterday." Bang!I don’t think I need to tell you that photos are massively important to people who will view your profile.


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