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From cab fares to moving outings to concert tickets, you might need a second job just to support your search for love.Happily, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to impress on a first, second or even third date, so check out some of these frugal ideas to keep your date swooning all summer. Volunteer Share a special experience with a date by giving back to your local community together.The singles out there have already started spreading the word of mouth about our free dating services with no scam.That's because our approach to Russian and Nigerian scam is different than on other dating services.You could help build a home, spruce up a local park or read to less fortunate kids.Register with Volunteer Match to get opportunity alerts in your area that match your interests. Enjoy a Festival Cities across the country host summer festivals that offer free music, cheap food and the opportunity to take in the local culture. Check out this list of free things to do in some of the larger cities, or check your town’s municipal website for event information. 3rd Edition includes all the information you’ll need for navigating the contemporary, social media driven dating scene where women and men Google potential dates beforehand, Tweet after, and even meet on Facebook.

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Paying for dinner and drinks will quickly drain your bank account before Labor Day rolls around, so you might consider cheaper ways to woo that special someone.

It’s not just the cost of food and wine that makes dating so expensive.

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