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If you have a dog, a motorbike, or any vaguely interesting transport including Shank's Pony and you haven't got this on your to do list for a visit or sleep over then you have a very boring list.Nick Smith Last time we were in a sheep wandered through the door.The International Celestial Reference System (ICRS) is the fundamental celestial reference system adopted by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) for high-precision positional astronomy.The ICRS, with its origin at the solar system barycenter and "space fixed" axis directions, is meant to represent the most appropriate coordinate system for expressing reference data on the positions and motions of celestial objects.ICRS co-ordinates are approximately the same as equatorial co-ordinates: the mean pole at J2000.0 in the ICRS lies at 17.3±0.2 mas in the direction 12 h and 5.1±0.2 mas in the direction 18 h.

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The ICRS was established by a set of specifications agreed to by the international astronomical community from 1997 to 2006.

The origin of the ICRS is at the barycenter of the solar system and the orientation of its axes is "space fixed" (kinematically non-rotating) with respect to distant objects in the universe.


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