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To start, Soph spent Halloween together alongside Joe and his DNCE crew, with Joe dressed up as a Dalmatian next to Soph, who went as a bunny.

Well, let's dive right in and break down the facts.It's no wonder fans totally ship these two together — both as a couple and duet partners because c'mon how epic would a song be from them — and just last night at the 2017 i Heart Radio Music Awards they had a sweet reunion, one between buds and not really of the romantic kind.But a precious hug was involved so get ready to squeal with glee.It's clear Sabrina is a big fan of Shawn's talent, as we're sure he is of hers.She has spoken about these possible dating rumors before though, admitting that they're currently just on friendly terms and nothing more."[Shawn]'s so talented, I'm like obsessed with his new album. I just did a show with him a couple of weeks ago and he's incredibly talented.Thursday brings a nutrition lesson A hamstring injury and a physio session Concern and worry over being fit and ready The mood in the gaff is far from steady.


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