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TVNZ 1 is the second national television channel owned and operated by the state-owned broadcaster Television New Zealand (TVNZ).It was the first major television broadcaster in New Zealand, starting out from 1960 onwards as independent government operated facilities in the four main centres of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, and eventually began sharing programming between them all in real time in 1969, becoming NZBC TV (although the individual facilities retained their call signs into the 1970s).The collective group was renamed Television One in 1975 upon the break-up of the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, and became a part of TVNZ in 1980 when Television One and South Pacific Television (now sister channel TVNZ 2) merged.The channel assumed its current name in October 2016.From the Herald: Hosking said it wasn’t a debate he was interested in having. Therefore, it is not worth having.” He argued that as long as he was doing his job, he was entitled to his salary.“Any wage is the result of a couple of people agreeing on terms and conditions … It should be strictly balanced in its reporting of issues and news and when performing its reporting function should provide us with information and not spin.Give gold to thank exemplary people and encourage them to post more.

It sets out its stall pretty clearly in the first episode when Angie kicks off her day, almost literally, with a serious workout involving kick-boxing a path of destruction through her apartment, before tooling up with a gun on every limb.

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But wait I hear you ask, shouldn’t the state broadcaster that is essentially owned by us be politically neutral and not favour one party over the other?

Surely that sort of stuff only happens in North Korea? Can you imagine the reaction, very little of which would be rational …


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