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He alleged she was drunk and violent and he had to calm her down with a slap. Dalvin, a Jodeci biopic is in the works, with a script already written and has gone into production. Otis sonned himself with the “ain’t nobody coming to see you, Otis” line, David Ruffin got tossed out of a car, Paul Williams killed himself years prior, Eddie Kendricks died of cancer, Melvin Franklin died in his wheelchair (in the movie at least). Jodeci’s story isn’t like that (yet), but if you’ll recall, we’ve got chart topping albums and singles AND we’ve got niggas passing out on stage, De Vante’s hair modeling several different angles of “what the fuck? (which was Stevie J’s story too), but how far did they go from where they came from? Or did he really just jump in the trunk after the name was already set in stone. There could some significant style omissions I’m not sure how else to say this, but if a person whose name rhymes with Scary Hay Fries doesn’t catch and possibly dish out a two-piece in this movie and then go onto release one of the greatest R&B albums ever in via Michel’lé. Jodeci’s run REALLY ended in 1995 but they still matter. Suge Knight would have had the best biopic run ever. Not to go all fan girl but I want to see a Jodeci biopic for many, many reasons. Everybody but Otis Williams and Dennis Edwards was dead. But how do you NOT have your name be part of the group name that’s comprised of the group unless you just aren’t vital. So maybe the one silver lining is that we might get an answer to the age old question: did Dalvin actually add any value or did he luck into being the brother of De Vante? Apparently this was during the drug and alcohol portion of their lives, but the point is, Suge Knight will make appearances.The house burned down, she got arrested, and later posed on the cover of VIBE dressed in a fireman uniform with TLC. As soon as I saw how successful BET’s “The New Edition Story” was on social media, I figured that any and all media companies who’ve had biopics in development would get the greenlight and go full bore. ”, K-Ci and Jo Jo in rehab on reality television, erratic behaviors, violence, robberies, etc. This piggybacks off the first one, but to be a Jodeci fan is to know their backstory already. Sure they released an album in 2015, but let’s just not talk about that ever again. He’s in damn near every major biopic that comes out nowadays. Because “Cry 4 You” is one of the greatest videos ever made and I need to see them recreate it. Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. Not even a Wes Anderson joint, but something you might see as part of a museum exhibit before you head to the dinosaur section. De Vante is the sound of Jodeci and I want to see that process on camera.


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