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The actress even took to Twitter to vent her frustrations about the whole debacle, and now Porsha is trying to clear up things on her end as well! What is it with singles, cookbooks, and horrible fruity alcoholic beverages when it comes to being a Bravolebrity? Now you know you should shame the devil & tell the truth!

She tells the site, "I am not focused on dating at the moment but rather the debut of my new single, Flatline available on Itunes on March 17th." I can't wait to hear this! U grew up in the church& lying was never (thumbs up emoticon)You may have a man, but the one your claiming belongs to me!

Obiang was Chairperson of the African Union from 31 January 2011 to 29 January 2012.

He is the longest-serving leader in Africa and the longest-serving president in the world.

Her public denial is a good thing because Teodoro's actual girlfriend hasn't been too thrilled with the gossip surrounding her beau and Porsha.

The dictator's son has been seeing Castle star Tamala Jones. Following in the footsteps of some other housewives in the franchise, she's releasing a song. Before Porsha released her statement, Tamala tweeted (and then deleted), "Miss Porsha Williams..

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The constitution provides Obiang wide powers, including the right to rule by decree.

He was eventually elevated to the post of Second Vice-President, in charge of defense and security, on , alongside former Prime Minister Ignacio Milam Tang, who was designated as First Vice-President.

After four years as Second Vice-President, he was promoted to the post of First Vice-President, while remaining in charge of defense and security, on 22 June 2016; this move, which followed his father's re-election in the April 2016 presidential election, placed him clearly in line to succeed his father.

Additional funds were used to establish a hip hop record label for Eve and others named TNO Entertainment.

He also purchased a fleet of luxury cars, which include two Bentleys, a Range Rover, a Bugatti Veyron and a Maserati.


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