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Of the 1,500 cases examined, illegal immigrant offenders were located in 36 states with the highest number of sexual offenders in California, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, and Florida.Schurman-Kauflin reports that according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records, sex offenders comprise two percent of illegals apprehended.

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It turns out Sir Francis devised this gilded wooden object so that he could sit inside it, knee-to-knee with a few of his fun-loving friends, and cavort over panoramic views of his estate, West Wycombe Park.

But other than two stories on World Net Daily, generated by an appearance on CNN, we haven’t found any coverage of these extraordinary statistics.

Yet, as reported by Wes Vernon in a new AIM Report, the Bush Administration is embarked on a controversial and secretive plan to effectively erase U. borders and establish a North American Union to facilitate the flow of people and goods from Mexico into the U. The study investigated 1,500 cases of “serial rapes, serial murders, sexual homicides, and child molestations committed by illegal immigrants” between January, 1999 and April, 2006.

The man of the cloth was horrified to discover that the contours of Dashwood's garden were sculpted to resemble the female form, with two hills topped with pink flowering shrubs and a tightly cropped triangle of forest.

On a pre-arranged signal, fountains erupted at each of the garden's erogenous zones, causing the vicar to collapse in shock. (Even her use of the name Dashwood for her characters, argues Janine Barchas of the University of Texas, created "an uneasy atmosphere of wealth, infamy and illicit sexuality.") To see if any sleaze survived, I had to get inside that ball.


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