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If the animal accidentally hit the lever, a food pellet would fly down the shoot, into the box.The animal quickly learned to press the lever to get the reward of food.Your new lover stops answering your texts or phone calls, or when they do, it’s in a cool detached way. All the warmth, and unspoken promises of things to come, suddenly disappear. One of the reasons hot-cold relationships are so difficult to let go of is because they provide what’s called ‘intermittent reinforcement’. You just start to face the realisation that the whole thing was a farce, when suddenly, out of the blue, your lover contacts you, says ‘I am so sorry’, with great conviction, and explains that she has been going through a bad patch and got caught up in some life drama that she didn’t want you to have to deal with.

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Easy, give her attention intermittently and unpredictably. The goal of the experiment is to have the rat press a lever as many times as possible.The rat is given a pellet of food after it presses a lever.Then researchers changed the pattern: sometimes when the lever was pressed food was delivered, sometimes it was not.The mice not only pressed the lever obsessively, but they did so until they injured themselves from all the pressing.An overview of conditioning from a behavior specialist’s perspective I will not get too specific regarding behavior reinforcement schedules, but I will ask you to follow me through a brief overview of some of the basics.


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