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Not next week, and not across USA, but right now and close to your home in Michigan, United States.It's all waiting for you when you become a member of Xpress and start flirting with the people you find there. I may look sweet and innocent, but I have a wild side. When im with someone i put everything i have into that relationship.

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It's the grown-up equivalent of coloring together after school. But basically, I'm a pretty laid back, awesome, and funny person. Besides those, my other interests change frequently and there are too many to list. Well, I can't really sum myself up in this little box, because I'm so damn complicated haha. I like the great outdoors, animals (preferably dogs), music, movies, and hanging out with other people. I am 50 years old,with 6 kids ages are .i have black hair and brown eyes,i like country music,some rap,rock,oldies,i like fishing,doing stuff with the kids,my husband told me that no one will want me because he told me that i am fat and ugly... My good friends would say I'm down to earth and chill. ♥ If you dont know me, let me tell you who ii am; Her Ex, His Enemy, Their Crush, Her Dream, His Fear, Their Favorite, But also known as Rachelle (: I don't pretend to be someone I'm not, because I'm good at being me. I'm not out to anyone so this whole thing is new for me. I'm shy at first so be patient with me, I'll eventually come around. I'm horrible at filling these things out, so just ask me whatever you feel inclined to ask! I've never really had a serious relationship with a woman but I've been extremely curious about it. Currently, I am enjoying summer with a little camping, beach days, hikes and cook outs. I AM A BOTTOM BITCHBOY, ALWAYS READY TO GET ON MY KNEES(WHERE I BELONG IN FRONT OF EVERY MAN) TO SERVICE HIS(YOURS) COCK N BALLS FOR THEM,(YOU). :) EMAIL ME, I WILL SEND YOU PICS OF ME IN DRAG IF YOU WANT. I WILL GIVE YOU MANY BLOWJOBS, SO YOU CAN DRAIN UR COCK INTO MY VERY THIRSTY N EAGER SISSY-FAGGOT MOUTH AND OR ASS!!! I sucked my first cock when I was 13 and have been doing every since.


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