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Collins was recognized for her charitable contributions, most notably for her involvement with Shooting Star Chase, a well-known children's hospice charity that helps kids of all ages and their families with life-limiting conditions.

The actress will also star as the Grand Duchess of Oxford in E!

While dating Landon (Bittle), Emma is torn between him and a man named Eric (Kristopher Turner, "Saving Hope") and has to pick between a storybook romance and a real shot at love. Stefanie Powers ("Hart to Hart") and John Schneider ("Dukes of Hazzard") also star. Iconic actress Joan Collins ("Dynasty," "Guiding Light's" ex-Alexandra Spaulding, 2002) has reached a new status.

The actress gave an interview to BBC News to share her delight that Queen Elizabeth II had honored her with the title of Dame in Britain's New Year's Honours List.

Adams, Richard Beymer, Melissa Hellman, Isabel Cooley, Eric Da Re, Leonard Mann, Laura Harring, Carlos Palomino, Elizabeth Hoffman, Marc Dietrich, Jim Ladd, Robert Culp, Richard N.

Gladstein Actor: Lisa Whelchel, Antonio Cupo, Edward Ruttle, Alicia Dea, Keith Martin Gordey, Kim Fields, David Lewis, Hilary Jardine, BJ Harrison, Françoise Yip, Mark Gash, Dustin Lloyd, Alison Wandzura, Jason Coleman, Jovanna Burke Actor: China Anne Mc Clain, Kelli Berglund, Marshall Williams, Matt Shively, Ashley Argota, Noah Centineo, Roger Bart, Ron Lea, Ieva Lucs, Paulino Nunes, Matthew G.

When Joseph and Claire see Josie with a “loser,” they’ll give anything to have Richard back in the picture. Romance novelist Liam Bradley (Bruce) has already found massive success with three books written under the pen name Gabriel August, mysteriously unknown to his legions of readers.

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Trying to both find an idyllic love life and impress her store’s investor, Frank (Schneider), Emma balances time dating romantic suitor Landon (Ryan Bittle, “All My Children”) and time at her store with Frank’s nettlesome son, Eric (Kristopher Turner, “Saving Hope”).During his time at Julliard, he appeared on stage many times, in productions of "Macbeth," "The Dutchess of Malfi," "No.11 (Blue and White)," "Pericles," "Summer Folk," and "Cyrano De Bergerac." Bittle got his start onscreen playing Todd Wilkins in the television adaptation of the teenage book series, Sweet Valley High, appearing in 24 episodes in the mid-nineties.After a childhood filled with reading fairytales, bookstore owner Emma (Renee) believes in handsome princes and happily ever afters.Unlike her happily married coworker Marilyn (Powers), Emma has yet to be swept away by her own prince charming.'s "The Royals," which surrounds a fictional British Royal family set in modern day London and premieres on Sunday March 15. Kamar de los Reyes reunites with Nathan Fillion on Castle.


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