Dating a girl with no friends updating dell media direct

I've started to feel recently that I'm not accomplishing anything that's important or enjoyable to me anymore, because I need to spend every spare moment with her to keep her from feeling neglected.I've tried to find her things she enjoys, I've tried to get her interested in painting and writing and reading and crafting and anything else she shows mild interest in, but all she's ever done is uni work, or watch TV, which she doesn't really like.

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Have you ever considered introducing her into new activities that she might enjoy?

Maybe you might want to try and bring her to parks and and maybe get her something that she needs to care for(like a dog) so shes not always on top of you? And maybe introducing her to some of your friends girlfriends. What if she has been around nothing but dogs and rescues animals all the time, and it stresses her out? What if she comes from a semi neglecting/ dangerous home. Why does she have mini panic attacks when her bf is gone with other people without informing her?

Because the rule, as perpetuated by Hollywood, the media, and each other, is that all women have a cabal of female friends with whom she shares every intimate detail of her life on a weekly basis.

For once, I’m in danger of perpetuating the Hollywood myth.


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