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"We need to talk about what drives people to take drugs," said Dr.Bessel van der Kolk, who has studied trauma-brain research for 45 years.Together, we discuss the value of private, all-girls education and learn about Dr. GUESTS: Billionaire Betsy De Vos is the new Secretary for the US Department of Education.This hour, how will she impact public school education nationwide including here in Connecticut?As a cis male, I can never talk in the space of women's rights without inadvertently exercising my male privilege.

Some may say that misogyny, like racism, is personal and only a minority of people behave with a patriarchal complex. When women receive lower wages than men for the same jobs, is that personal or systemic?How closely do these ideas resemble what we may be able to achieve in the next few hundred years?The laws of physics and the principles of engineering will go a long way to helping us answer this question. We call it the speed of light – about 186,000 miles per second – because we first noticed this phenomenon by studying the properties of light, but it is a hard upper limit on all relative speeds.avid science fiction fans, we naturally find the prospect of interstellar colonization intriguing and exciting. Drawing on stories of exploration from an age of tall ships, with a good helping of anachronisms and fantastical science, space exploration is often depicted in a romantic style: a crew of human travelers in high-tech ships wandering the galaxy, making discoveries and reporting back home. Science fiction has painted a certain picture of space travel in popular culture. READ MORE:* Stripper speaks out, alleges Chiefs players inappropriately touched her* Jacinda Ardern: Chiefs scandal stripped bare* Kevin Roberts resignation welcomed after storm over gender diversity comments* Pro-rape group leader could be barred from New Zealand The truth is that New Zealand social norms are geared to the detriment of women's lives. Even when cases of rape and assault are taken through the justice system, which is often extremely clinical and cold, women are left with a whole lot of trauma and no justice.


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