Aol users updating com

After registering to use the site, users can create a user profile indicating their name, occupation, schools attended and so on.

Users can add other users as "friends", exchange messages, post status updates and digital photos, share digital videos and links, use various software applications ("apps"), and receive notifications when others update their profiles or make posts.

September 2001 saw the same violin used to play a slightly different song: Attention Hotmail Users: Due to a recent increase in the number of Hotmail users, we have found that our free web-based email service has become too popular for our resources.

If you dont do this your acount will be disconected.

If you think this is fake please call customer support on this number: 316-XXX-XXXX Thank you for choosing Facebook as your social media app. Chat Conversation End This form of leg pull began its life on the Internet in December 1999 with a jape that targeted users of the free Hotmail e-mail service. If Hotmail (or any other service) wanted to know whether subscribers were using their accounts, why would it gather that information by having those folks forward a message to other users of the same service?

“I don’t know if this is legit, but I could use 00, so here it is,” reads the cover note attached to thousands of forwarded copies of this message.

In other words: “Somebody’s probably playing me for a fool, but any chance of getting free money is just too much to pass up, so I’ll inflict this on everyone I know, just in case.” It’s no wonder the “Make Money Fast” scam won’t go away.


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