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Ron Sandack's (R-Downers Grove) resignation from the General Assembly.

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- A woman from the Philippines who had set up a sexortion gang has revealed many of the dirty secrets of her “trade”- She blackmailed hundreds of Western men over the internet- The woman is now in jail, but the extortion apparently continues A female Filipino gang boss recently revealed the sordid secrets of the sex extortion ring she had set up from a small village in the Philippines.READ ALSO: Student, 15, shoots teacher and two students, then kills himself mid-lesson (photos, video) on her own, but started extorting men with sex-related activities soon after.She gathered together a whole group of boys and girls, some even as young as 13, to trick Western men into performing sex acts in front of the camera, many of them completely naked.They then invite the ones that go on with the “game” to move to a more private online place, normally Skype.READ ALSO: This woman with huge MANHOOD goes viral (see photos)The men are shown a striptease, although a pre-recorded one, not live, accompanied by dirty talk, and then they ask for the other part to also strip. Caparas’ sextortion practice has been targeted as a culprit for the suicide of a Scottish 17-year-old boy, Daniel Perry, who was allegedly told by his tormentors he would be “better off dead”.Sandack was engaged in a video conversation via Skype with a woman "in her early 20's with long black hair." The woman, whom Sandack told police he didn't know, had originally contacted him on Facebook. Sandack, 52, and the woman had several text exchanges on Facebook that "could be characterized as friendly conversation, like two people getting to know basic information about each other" investigators say.


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