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I leave to anatomists equipped with more delicate instruments than I the task of elucidating this obscure question.90% of the time, speakers of English use just 7,500 words in speech and writing.I do not mean that we are never to elucidate connexions and contexts.Far be it from us to presume to point it out, or elucidate or expound it in any degree.The proteomic content gives evidence of the interaction between host tissue, saliva, and candida. AU - Barros, Silvana AU - Loewy, Zvi AU - Offenbacher, Steven PY - 2012Y1 - 2012N2 - Denture stomatitis (DS) is the most common oral pathology among denture wearers, affecting over one-third of this group. The presence of a denture alone is usually sufficient for DS.

Elucidate is from Late Latin elucidare, from the Latin prefix e- "thoroughly" plus lucidus "clear, bright." This Latin adjective is the source of English lucid, which describes someone who thinks clearly or something that is clear enough to understand.

Based on initial SELDI-TOF/MS profiling, we further used reversed phase liquid chromatography, MALDI-TOF/MS, and LC-MS/MS to characterize the salivary proteins associated with DS.

Nineteen proteins based on SELDI-TOF/MS profiling were found including cystatin-SN, statherin, kininogen-1, desmocollin-2, carbonic anhydrase-6, peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase A like peptides, cystatin C, and several immunoglobulin fragments. However, unlike other oral candidiasis, most DS patients have intact host immunity.

Toryl, somewhat deflated, but by no means defeated, hastened to elucidate.

Perhaps you will be good enough to elucidate this new mystery. Beauregard to elucidate this important characteristic. This letter might elucidate it—might throw light where so much was needed.


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