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Yet, according to the researchers, 76% of respondents never had a conversation with their parents about how to avoid sexually harassing others and a majority had never talked with their parents about misogyny.In the Netherlands, the pregnancy rate among teen girls is significantly lower than in the United States.That is in part because of the nature of the conversations teens are having with their parents, according to Peggy Orenstein, author of "Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape.""The really big difference is that the parents -- while they're equally comfortable about talking about sex -- American parents only talk about the risk and dangers and in the Netherlands they talk about how to balance the joy and the responsibility."Orenstein's book explores teen girls' minds and views on casual sex, love and relationships based on her interview of more than 70 young women between the ages 15 and 20.ASKfm has a Safety Center to “empower users with the information, guidance and tools they need to navigate safely and enjoy the service.” Watch this Safe Smart Social video to learn more.An i OS app that is used if you don’t want anyone to know that you downloaded a privacy app.Here is introducing #1 Cougar Dating App, the i Phone app that will give a whole new perspective to your dating life.


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