Dating and giving space

If I've been single for a while, and all of a sudden someone wants to spend every minute with me, it's pretty off-putting.

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So, when she can't talk to you, and ask you for space, its a Moral obligation to give it that. So, I hope my point is clear and I hope it helps you.

It's a good time to figure out what YOU want, too. Before you convince yourself that he has one foot out of the relationship, ask yourself if you truly believe that he's capable of commitment and a long-term partnership.

Or he claims nothing's wrong, but he just doesn't return your texts and seems to be a LOT busier than he was in the early stages of dating?

According to the Internet, the way to a girl's heart is to overwhelm her with attention and affection.

The boyfriends and SOs who get praised the most are the ones who send sweet text messages every morning and treat their girlfriends like princesses.


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