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In the new film, she plays the titular character, a 25-year-old theater geek who runs a drama program for New York City public school kids and aspires to playwriting glory. I hate to bring up a sore subject, but it was just announced that Comedy Central isn’t moving forward with the pilot you were developing with comedian Naomi Ekperigin. When we meet her, she is smarting from a string of professional and personal disappointments (when she’s not fantasizing about outlandish ways her recent ex-boyfriend might drop dead, she’s papering the walls of her deep-outer-borough apartment with rejection letters from every major theater company in the Western world). It’s always some 5-[foot]-10-ass dude, trying to stand butt to butt with you, trying to see who’s taller. In this film you play a character who manages, no matter what, to put a happy face on disappointment. That’s not a sore subject and it was not a disappointment. Before, I would have compartmentalized everything in a box, just pushed it away, not thought about it, then have it fester for a long time until it finally breaks out of me in a nonhealthy way. There’s cameras and a man holding a boom mike who’s ready to go home. white/Hispanic white) have a rate of divorce just a little higher than white/white marriages.– Interracial marriages that have one white person and one person of another race mostly only show higher divorce rates when the white spouse is a female (i.e.A recent study published by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) explored this aspect in interracial couples in the United States.Using data from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth, the study analyzed almost 6,000 men and women between the ages of 15-44 who had ever been married, over a period of ten years. What factors could be influencing the striking gender differences in divorce rates of interracial couples?Some of the studies concluded, however, that factors such as educational level (as educational level goes up, the likelihood divorce goes down) and the age at marriage (marriages occurring earlier in life are more likely to end in divorce) had more bearing on the stability of these marriages than the racial differences of the individuals; members of interracial pairings are more likely to have traits correlated with a higher probability of divorce.However, these studies failed to account for gender in connection with the race of each individual in interracial marriages.

It has been known for years that interracial marriages have higher than expected divorce rates.

But I did not know that the rates varied quite a bit contingent on the combination of race & sex.

Gori Girl* has a post up, Interracial Divorce in the U. – Statistics and How Much They Matter: – Marriages that do not cross a race barrier, but do have different ethnicities (i.e.

Here is why:-Interracial couples have higher rates of domestic violence-Interracial couples have higher divorce rates; overall 41% chance of separation compared to 31% for same race couples-Interracial couples face challenges in the way family/friends react, as well as society in general In conclusion, it is better for whites to marry other whites and blacks to marry other blacks.

The biggest reason many communities don't want IR is because of the biracial offspring that is produced ffrom those unions, to some monoracial cultural communities it is a threat to their culture and existance.


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