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So, here we have for you, the exciting journey of Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta from being colleagues to becoming soulmates. Sargun was a part of the show since the beginning and when she was shown the look test of Ravi, who was to play a mentally retarded character, she found him weird.

But, her mind was blown away when he came to meet her in person. So, I was expecting this really odd looking guy on the sets.

So, he told them to give the biggest heart card, paid for it and gave it to me without even writing anything on it. I took the card and asked him if I could recycle it for my next boyfriend since he had not written anything in it.” “I remember it was my birthday and he came in saying that I will get my gift in two days and how he couldn’t carry it. The next day I got a delivery for a washing machine and a TV.

It was truly bizarre.” Don't Miss: 11 Things To Tell Your Partner That Are Much More Romantic Than Saying I Love You Ravi proposed to Sargun in such an adorable way that she would never call him unromantic again.

Astrology forecasts, astrology compatibility, personal ads, astrology site, astrology web site, compatibility, love, matchmaking all may be found here.Give your dating life the makeover it deserves, and find what you’re looking for today!Christian is the absolutely FREE place to meet Christian singles just like you!We were to shoot the promo; Ravi knocked on my vanity door dressed in this red jacket looking cool and cute. That’s when I realised he was to play my husband.” “Nobody did (say the three magical words)! And I said yeah, I guess we are dating – so we just began dating.” Five months after this conversation, Sargun officially announced that they were dating.In fact, we came to Bombay, realised that we had become more than just friends. You May Also Like: Love Happens Just Like That: Cute Love Story Of Television Hottie Mohit Malik And Addite Malik “He is not a romantic guy at all. He once went to an Archies showroom and was irritated looking at all the cards. On the top of the tank of his building he had placed a bed sheet, candles, champagne, glasses, flowers and cake.I never believed in soul mates but thanks to Smooch it has happened for me.


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