Error updating component kdbi386

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The error codes numbered greater than 2000 are internal errors and do not have authored strings, but these can occur if the installation package has been incorrectly authored.

We used Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0 for windows and follow the procedures. Thank you very much an hope to hear from you guys.. We manually update KES10 installed on KSC directly to internet and updating was successful (database are up to date). We cleared the updates repository of KSC 10.1.249 and update again but to no avail.

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For error codes specific to the Windows Installer functions Msi and Inst Msi.exe, see Msi and Inst Error Messages.

Last night, there was an error downloading the updates and after that, updates don't work anymore.I have made a simple Batch File which can update virus definitions of Kaspersky Rescue Disk(kav_rescue_10.iso)This batch file uses KLUpdater to update the virus definitions. It now supports updates from Local Kaspersky Folder if you have installed any Kaspersky Product. I need to know the location of the updates folder in Windows vista/7. Hi, i tryed ur script and i cant figured out whats the probleme. I can rerun the script and burn the new updated iso but after a few days he will be outdated again (plz dont tell me to use rewritable CD).I think this tool is really nice and i want it to be fully fonctionnal but ... I use the same kind of script to update the kav2008 rescue disk (i think u made that one too) and everything is working fine but on kav_rescue_10 ... I tryed to inject only the bases files and not the XML.The key enables Example: localhost:~# apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver hkp:// 0xcbcb082a1bb943db Executing: gpg --ignore-time-conflict --no-options --no-default-keyring --secret-keyring /tmp/tmp.I've tried removing all registry entries containing Tortoise Git, but this made no difference.TIA, Bincent Hi Helmut, I encountered similar issue with Download updates to repository. Errors distributing updates but application update completed successfully.


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